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I'm a third-year university premed student majoring in Health Sciences, and minoring in Psychology & Biology.

I know it's a LOT which is why…


I host ‘Study With Me’ live streams on my TikTok @LiasLens. I BRING ALL THE VIBES. We study together in a non-distracting environment, featuring some vibey lofi music and a Pomodoro timer—35-45 min focus blocks to be productive & 5 breaks where we chat & chill. It gives us a way to stay off of our phones and get some studying done with other like-minded people from all over the world. (:

Join my Study Buddy Discord Server to connect with students or other productive people like you. You’ll have access to tons of group chats with thousands of people to network with, in your career field. You can ask for advice, get help on homework or just chat. This is where study buddy friendships are made. <3

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Follow the @StudyBuddyMovement Instagram for

study inspo + motivation!

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