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Since I could hold a pencil, I've been doing art. It grew into a passion of mine as I got older and recognized the power of art in all forms.

Around age 8, I started filming little commercials and random things with my parents’ phones, computers, and random cameras then editing them, but was too shy to post. One day when I was 12, my niece (close in age & my best friend) told me she didn’t want to keep filming with me because I never posted, so I took that threat to heart LOL and finally posted my first video on YouTube.

It felt good to finally share my passions with the world. I started posting silly/encouraging chats & travel vlogs with my BIG family on my YouTube to brighten up others’ days-things of which are very special to me. ‘@Lia’sLens’ was birthed. My hope is to allow people to be inspired through my “Lia’s” perspective or “lens”. (teehee)

It wasn’t until the past couple of years that I realized my consistency on social platforms would stem from what I have a passion for the most: art and studying. This is where I realized everything coming full circle. I honed in and made these things my main focus, which is where Lia's Study Buddies and @ArtByLia’sLens came to be.


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